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That Fall Front Entrance Tho...

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

One of our favorite things about fall is how fun the decor options can be! Take a look at the front entrance, for example. During the month of October in particular, your aesthetic can lean more toward a cozy autumnal feel...or the other end of the spectrum with spooky features.

It's Fall Y'all

To go this route, you'll want to capture the hues of the season. Choose from rich, warm colors like oranges and yellows with a little red mixed in. Consider adding a bold accent color to shake it up - we've seen blues and greens round out a gorgeous entryway. Neutrals such as whites, browns, even pale greens and taupes work great.

A wreath on the door made of items you'd see in nature this time of year keeps the look authentic and classy yet warm. Grapevine, decorative twigs, mini pumpkins, and maple leaves are great foundational elements that can be built upon per your unique style. Sprucing it up with flowers such as peonies is a great touch!

A variety of gourds draped with twinkle lights takes the festive look up a notch. Fairytale pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins, and white pumpkins are some of our favorites.

It's Spppooooky Out There

Draping your entrance with cobwebs and faux candles gives your home a whole other festive feel. There are so many ways to create a spine-tingling greeting for your guests or passers-by.

Pumpkins can do double-duty for this look as well, but maybe have a bony skeleton friend perched on top. Spiders climbing the walls, and headstones telling chilly tales add to the frightful flavor. Add some fog and eerie green-tinted lights and you have yourself a boo-tastic doorway (sorry, I had to).

Artificial or painted flowers in creepy colors of blacks, greys,violets, and reds can be morbidly beautiful. Wreaths dripping with skulls and painted roses give a unique touch.

📷 credit: @thewelldressedhouse @jujuhavens @the_seasoned_home @idavanto

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