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  • Sarah George

The Evolution of the Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is next week, and we don't know about you, but while this year has been a tough one, somehow it is flying by. We popped by the grocery store and already people were scooping up their turkeys and other holiday meal favorites.

That got us thinking - as varied as the Thanksgiving meal has become (we have friends that go for lasagna or cookout instead of the traditional Tom Turkey), so has the Thanksgiving table. While some still go for the traditional look of formal place settings, cloth napkins, and seasonal gourds and the like to dress the table, there are so many more options today.

As the holiday is about gratitude and spending time with loved ones, many will leverage decor that corresponds with where their family is from - Texas, we're especially looking at you. To match a meal of bbq, one might see pops of denim or gingham.

Others may go for a minimalist look, sticking with neutrals such as whites and greys, and metals of silver or gold. Stark white dinnerware and unfussy glassware will be a modest backdrop for the food being served.

Still others may forego the formal table altogether, serving food buffet style and offering seating throughout - many homes with open floor plans cater well to this.

Whatever your style, we'd love to see! Send us a note with how you'll be celebrating Thanksgiving this year. We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with laughter, love...and maybe a nap!

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