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  • Sarah George

The Home Office, Elevated

One major impact that the global pandemic has had on our daily lifestyles is sending countless people home to work. As the risk of COVID-19 continued with months upon months of social distancing, many offices stayed closed or opened with heavy restrictions.

As such, those working from home began to prioritize improving their workspace situations. While some have the luxury of having an entire room devoted to their work, others make-do with a dedicated area or corner, while still others find that their 'office' is wherever there is room for their the kitchen table.

Regardless of the environment, there has been a steep uptick in the home office design trend as people attempt to make their space more hospitable to productivity. To start off with, ideally your work area will reflect your personal style. From wallpaper of your favorite print or paint of your favorite color, surrounding yourself with the hues that nurture your work mindset helps the mood.

A curated stack of your favorite books or greenery sprouting from a planter that catches the eye can liven up any desk or flat space. Perhaps what's most important in your work area is what isn't there - ensuring that paper clutter and items that have nothing to do with your work (your kid's baby doll or leftover cheese crackers from yesterday's snack, for example) are removed.

Anything goes in the new home office so long as it speaks to your soul and gets those creativity juices flowing! Here's a quick pic of our current office design. Would love to hear about yours!

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