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Plan Your Move

There are many dynamics to think about when planning a move, whether it’s across town or across the country. We’ve gathered some best practices to consider when looking for a moving company to get your prized possessions to your new place in the Austin area.


To prep for your arrival, it’s a good idea to set-up utilities and other needed resources so that you can focus on other aspects of your move. Regardless of the length of your ‘moving to-do list’ we’re here to take on any heavy lifting needed. Think of us as your ‘boots on the ground’ in Austin.


Hiring a Moving Company

  1. Getting a Quote
    Where possible, require a physical inspection when getting a quote. It’s tough to get an accurate quote via an online form, no matter how detailed. Taking this action can drastically reduce your chances of surprises on your invoice.

  2. Doing Your Research
    Interview multiple companies, at least 4-6. When combined with online reviews and referrals, meeting with the companies yourself will give you a (more) solid understanding of what to expect upon making your decision. Some areas you’ll want to investigate:

    • Are they licensed?

    • Have they handled a similar move before?

    • What liability coverage do they offer?

    • What references can they provide?

    • Are their quotes final, or include a ‘not-to-exceed’ estimate?

    • Do they subcontract their moves?

    • Do they background check their employees?
      You will also want to know specific dates of the move (more important for long-distance moves), how to contact them, their cancellation policy, and if there are additional charges you need to be aware of.

  3. Be Clear on Your Coverage
    One of the top complaints pertaining to the moving process is damaged items. Knowing the ins and outs of the coverage you have can be critical, especially if the process ends up being less than smooth. There are different levels, and your moving representatives should be able to clearly explain each.

  4. COVID-19 Precautions
    During this time of pandemic, companies should have a well-defined plan of safety. If your household includes members that are considered high-risk, it’s a good idea to mention this to your moving team. Most likely they will have an advanced plan with extra safety measures that they can implement.

    We are more than happy to recommend a few reputable moving companies to make your search that much easier.

Utilities & Resources


City of Austin Utilities



Texas Gas Service


Austin Water Utility

Trash & Recycling

Austin Resource Recovery

Residential Phone







Cable TV





Dish Network

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