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The Selling Process

Selling a home in such an active and competitive real estate market in Austin can be a smooth process...or a bumpy one. Here we outline a few tips for those looking to sell their place in the Austin metro area. Seller’s market or not, it’s smart to follow these guidelines.


Decorate for the Season...Tastefully

We don’t mean putting grandma’s Christmas decorations from the floor to the ceiling, but tying the current time of year to the welcoming feel of your home can be beneficial. For example:

  • A fire burning in the fireplace during winter

  • Pumpkins and other squash on your doorstep during autumn

  • Light colored accents during summer


Spruce Up Your Yard

  • New mulch does wonders for otherwise lackluster landscaping

  • Succulents and native plants add a touch of greenery and color

  • Dispose of leaves, acorns, other clutter


Get an Inspection

  • Getting a home inspection before putting your house on the market can help avoid surprises once under contract

  • Knowing the issues of your home before listing can give you the time to decide what you’ll fix or what will be left ‘as-is’


Declutter and Optimize Space

  • The more your home can show it has ample storage space, the better

  • Without clutter, a potential buyer won’t be distracted and more likely to ‘see’ themselves living there


Be Aware of Color Choices

  • Bold paint colors and patterned wallpaper can grab the attention of a potential buyer, and perhaps not in a good way

  • Paying attention to current trends and neutral colors and finding ways to incorporate in your home could be beneficial


Light It Up

  • Having the lights on throughout the house will lend to the feel open, clean, and welcoming 


Price It Right

  • Your realtor will have expertise in your area and will provide you with comps of similar homes that have sold recently

  • Between recent comps and current market research, be realistic regarding how much to price your home

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