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  • Sarah George

Outdoor Living Design

We’ve all been sent to our homes for almost a year now due to the global pandemic. We can hardly believe it’s been that long (though sometimes the time does weigh on us!). As we’ve been spending more time outdoors, a big design trend we’re seeing is people investing more in their outdoor spaces.

Landscape design, whether you are out in the country, city or in-between, has quickly risen up the rungs of home maintenance priority. Whether you’re taking a Zoom call lounging by the pool, or relying on your garden for homemade meals, here are a few trends to keep on your radar and consider for yourself:

  • Group Seating Comfy lounge areas for you and your ‘quaranteam’

  • Sport Courts Get that exercise in even if gyms are closed, grab the kids too!

  • Play Areas Designated spots for the kids to play, and for the tweens/teens to chill out (do people still say chill out?)

  • Entertainment Options Big screen TVs, ping pong - we’ve even heard that billiard tables are becoming a popular backyard activity

  • Outdoor Kitchens Pizza ovens, refrigerators (wine and otherwise), ample storage space...and custom grills and smokers (key word is custom).

  • Pools Smaller pools are all the rage that can share the space well with other interests...outdoor showers top many wish lists

  • Outdoor Lighting We’re seeing designs that are careful to use the light strategically - to draw attention to specific areas of the yard, and leave the rest in darkness as contrast

  • Vegetable Beds Growing your own food is so rewarding and not dependent upon grocery store stock or restrictions. Edible gardens have become a staple for so many households during this time. Pro Tip - try to plant your gardens close to your kitchen, or at least in an area close to the house for quick access

  • Medicinal/Tea Plants Create your own stock of healing herbs

  • Native Plants Many are adopting native plants for low maintenance beauty that supports local wildlife and pollinators

Basically, we’re all wanting to make our homes as beautiful as the places we used to travel to, right? A word of caution - when ‘tricking out’ your gorgeous outdoor living space make sure it all flows with the look and feel of your home and surroundings.

Send us photos! We’d love to see your outdoor creations.

Picture credit - our own and @harrison_nate_and_me

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