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  • Sarah George

Paint Color Trends by Generation

Have you ever thought about how your place in the generational scheme of things can have a large impact on your aesthetics?

Where you fall in the generational groupings has a proven influence on the designs that light you up, and paint colors are no exception. Here we take a look at the characteristics of each and their corresponding color landscapes.

Gen Z - 27% of the U.S. Population

  • Characteristics: tech-savvy, individualistic, entrepreneurial, like to win

  • Paint Color Trends: brights such as vibrant yellows and oranges

Millennials - 22% of the U.S. Population

  • Characteristics: confident, ambitious, like to achieve, socially responsible

  • Paint Color Trends: bolder colors such as black, blues, purples

Gen X - 20% of the U.S. Population

  • Characteristics: independent, well-educated, flexible, collaborative

  • Paint Color Trends: contemporary, urban, muted blues, greens, reds

Baby Boomers - 22% of the U.S. Population

  • Characteristics: strong work ethic, competitive, disciplined, resourceful

  • Paint Color Trends: traditional, neutrals, whites, beiges

Regardless, choosing paint colors should be a fun process no matter your style. If you're a Gen Xer that loves the Gen Z style - go for it, you be you!

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