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  • Sarah George

Card My Yard

The original yard greeting service, Card My Yard was the brainchild of Amy Arnold and Jessica Stanley in Austin, TX. Back in 2014, the two friends along with their husbands founded the company with a mission to serve their community..cut to 2021 and the company has expanded their business model to include franchises. Now in over 350 territories, the purpose of their brand is stronger than ever.

With the pandemic impacting the country both financially and emotionally, Amy and Jessica saw multiple avenues that Card My Yard could serve. With social distancing in full swing, consumers turned to the service to embrace celebrations in a different way than they might have in the past. Yard greetings went up in yards and essential workplaces across the country, as friends and families refused to let the pandemic take away the joy surrounding celebrations - everything from birthdays and graduations to celebrating cancer remission and frontline essential workers - joy was sprouting up even in the darkest of times.

It’s no secret that many felt negative financial impacts due to the pandemic. Layoffs and furloughs were widespread across industries and skill levels. With the unemployment rate at a high of 14.7% in April 2020, millions of Americans looked for alternative ways to create an income. The Card My Yard franchise opportunity was like a lifeline to some - facing job loss and a beyond challenging employment market, they turned to Card My Yard to finally fulfill their dream of entrepreneurship. More than 94% of the 200 signed franchise agreements in 2020 are from female entrepreneurs - we give three cheers to that!

We’ve used their service ourselves and basically have their website bookmarked as a go-to option for upcoming celebrations and milestones. We’re excited to see what’s to come from this locally owned company in 2021 - with an astounding 600% increase in sales combined with hearts of gold, we know Card My Yard has just scratched the surface on the powerful and positive impact they set out to make.

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